The Bible doesĀ notĀ condemn LGBTQ people!

Be liberated from harmful teachings.

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The Bible doesĀ not

fromĀ bad

FREE Intro Course: UnClobber 101

Unlock the Bible Passages Used to Justify LGBTQ

 The UnClobber Online Courses peel back the layers of misuse and misunderstanding about the Bible and homosexuality.

Unlock the Bible Passages Used to Justify LGBTQ Discrimination 


The UnClobber Online Courses peel back the layers of misuse and misunderstanding about the Bible and homosexuality.

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Master the Bible Passages Christians Use to Justify Discrimination of LGBTQ People


These UnClobber courses will peel back the layers of misuse and misunderstanding about the Bible and homosexuality.

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Hi, I'm Colby.

I've been a pastor and Biblical scholar for the last 20 years, and I'm here to help set you free from the toxic, shame-filled idea that the Bible (and God!) are against those who identity LGBTQ.

Through my book, UnClobber: Rethinking Our Misuse of the Bible on Homosexuality, I've helped thousands of people see just how bad the church has missed it on this topic.


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Whether you want to:

  • Revisit the destruction of Sodom & Gomorrah,
  • Explore those ancient laws in Leviticus, or
  • Try and figure out what the heck the Apostle Paul wrote (and why),

we've got a course for each verse in the Bible that Christians have historically used to justify discrimination.


The destruction of Sodom has long been used to justify the idea that God judges homosexuality. This course shows just how wrong that is. 

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The idea that "homosexuality is an abomination" comes from two verses in Leviticus. But this course shows why that's not the case.

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Stop accepting the idea that Paul condemns homosexuality as "unnatural" in Romans 1. Let me show you what he actually wrote and why.

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People search Google and discover that 1 Corinthians 6:9 clearly says "homosexuality is a sin." Let's discover why that's utterly false. 

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What comes with an UnClobber Course?


Each course is designed to teach you exactly what the clobber passages do (and do not) say so. When you understand how the church has (mis)used these verses, you can find liberation from their oppressive power.

Every course includes the following:

HD Video Lessons

Each course is filmed in High Def and includes unique and engaging slides & graphics.

Audio Files

Each course comes with downloadable .mp3 files so you can take your course on the go.


Follow along and fill out the blanks in this one of a kind pdf workbook designed especially for these courses.

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  • All four mini-courses
  • Over five hours of in-depth teaching
  • 40 page PDF workbook
  • PLUS: A must see Bonus Course on Eunuchs (available only in the UnClobber Suite)
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Each UnClobber Mini-Course costs $47. But if you want to get all four, then snag the UnClobber Suite and save over $40!


With the Suite, you'll get special access to my mini-course on Eunuchs, available only in the UnClobber Suite.  

Praise for UnClobber

Brian McLaren

“Written with a theologian's intelligence and a pastor’s sensitivity, this book is the resource thousands have been waiting for.”

Glennon Doyle

“Colby doesn’t play it safe. He dives right into the deep end—into the scary, wonderful, messy truth of a grace free for all.”

Rob Bell

“Funny, smart, and brilliantly paced. Fresh and accessible, Colby shows what the Bible actually says—clearing up all sorts of confusion.”

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and for those who've already been UnClobber'd and want to pay it forward.

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Testimonial from an UnClobber Workshop

Rev Dr Katie Hays,
Lead Evangelist at Galileo Church

My living room was packed with dozens of Galileo Church’s embodied souls leaning forward, hungry for good news. Colby served up that gospel with generosity and good humor, and with a Bible he still believes in his hand. We gobbled it up and knew we had been loved — by God first and best, and now by God’s straight man Colby. We’re still grateful, Colby.

Book Workshop

If you're a visual learner wanting more than just books, the UnClobber Courses are for you.


You don't have to keep living with the ideas that the Bible (or God) condemn LGBTQ people.

You can--and should--be free!

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